Necklace chains, charm bracelets, keychains

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The chains are adjustable to any size you need.  The thinnest chain, simply move the o'ring to the desired length and cut off the rest. This thin chain is most popular when only one pendant is bought.  The thicker chain will clip to itself at any link so no o'ring is needed.  This chain is most popular when charms are being added.  It can also function as an anklet or spacer bracelet.  You can also wrap around the wrist or ankle twice if desired and cut off any extra.

The one inch keychains are very popular with the dog charms and for people who don't like to wear jewelry.  Great for Grandfather keychains.

The charm bracelets are adjustable.  The copper ones come in small or large.  The stainless steel comes in small, medium and large.  The copper will have some black and will slowly darken into a penny look over time.  It is the most popular.