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Owner on Feb 15th 2014

Mountain-Artisan’s mission is “Bringing art from wood.”

With over 30 years of crafting experience in the local Appalachian Mountain region, we inter mingle artistic designs into beautiful wood products that reflect more than just the beauty of the wood.

Our hand crafted range of products honor the local historical culture of the surrounding area using themes that produce items with dimension and personality. It is setting one's self to work in a manner where all aspects of the design and execution of a piece are done thoughtfully and with close attention to detail. We are able to customize most items and handle special orders in our home based shop.

The interrelationship of our artistic designs, technical knowledge of wood working, and laser engraving techniques is applied to the interaction of various wood substrates. This careful and technical approach generates useful items to adorn one’s house, like our light switch covers, and to adorn one’s person, such as our wooden jewelry.

Our craft is interdisciplinary in nature, utilizing the latest techniques associated with this detailed art. The conceptual relationship produces a product that lies in-between the old-country hand-made and today's hand-made, allowing our creativity to expand to multiple forms and texture techniques.